Luxury consumption concept - who did you buy the watch?

The origin of luxury living is generally believed to be from the ancient Rome era with the west, why do you say so? Because the word is borrowed the concept of luxury goods, luxury goods in the English dictionary is Luxury, Luxus, and the word is derived from Latin, and Latin language belongs to the Department of Italy, with the Rome Empire gradually become a common language in europe. But at that time the Rome rating system is very strict, some like China's Yuan Dynasty era, often the first life is a life of luxury. Agamemnon's funeral Due to the disappearance of the grading system, the poor and the rich have no strict boundaries, the poor can through their own efforts to obtain their social status. I still remember the first time the launch of IPHONE, IPHONE is the default for rich people, leading to a lot of people to sell their kidneys to buy IPHONE, even now some people still use this stem to do marketing. But now IPHONE market share has dropped to 25%, IPHONE hot already in the past, this argument is far away from us. Maishen also want to buy IPHONE4 breitling replica But in China, who is the label, because many people, so often because of the label, a pole killing people on the boat. To give you an example, it Namen pawner to, this is the concept of the old society is deeply ingrained, farmers and farmers to get married, a poor boy can't marry the family miss. Wearing the Royal Oak is a tough guy? Kinlaw must buy nouveau riche? I wear MontBlanc did not taste? Tissot is pure grass root? This is certainly not, do not buy the table you are labeled, there is no need to advocate the concept of brand, please leave us a meal to eat. Audemars Piguet There is the birth of the cafe, this product is in eighteenth Century, when the coffee is a real luxury. For customers to have a better user experience in coffee, the boss even subscribe to the newspaper at the time to allow customers to drink coffee while reading, but now with a more high-end magazines instead of a relatively inexpensive newspaper. There was a very interesting case, that is a lot of people for their own to enjoy such a luxury, will work overtime work, just want to earn money to enjoy the cup of coffee, the taste of luxury goods. After the coffee shop on the streets of europe. Petty Cafe rolex replica Whether it is to drink coffee or coffee shops have a kind of chasing popular feeling, may be the role of early KOL play. It is the view of consumption a change, will lead to the consumer when people have money, also a good explanation of the original meaning of Luxus is excessive, excessive, there is excessive MONEY people have to buy these products. Mention coffee Xiaobian want to say a few words, I was drinking coffee or drink into the stomach, grow up, but when in university graduates will see the streets took the coffee the young heart is full of disdain. Is to this kind of people despise, feel they are forced, and slowly become one of them, every time passing by Starbucks will drink something, do not drink all uncomfortable. I certainly do not think I also installed force, but the concept of consumption and a lot of changes have happened before, I think this is the reason I will choose to buy watches. Starbucks replica watches There is a role of marketing tools, simple to say that advertising. Take IWC for example, the "International: IWC, designed for men, they really did not produce female form, and I only give you a production's illusion, extended meaning is to buy it's selected nations. But in the past two years, the world did not see this, because it began to have a female brand ambassador - Xun Zhou. Xun Zhou, also called "Zhou Gongzai", but that is not really the childe childe, although also handle men, but all just launched 37 mm protofino, happen to be a wave of publicity, not only to promote the activities of the idea, and girls can wear all the small idea. Or the female users see the nations Slogan on this brand can go to sniff at, or even a feminist activist organization. Xun Zhou and IWC Speaking of marketing a brand will have to mention IWC, compared to the pale into insignificance by comparison, it was once the most fiery China brand, also once known only the brand and Patek Philippe crazy new year appreciation, panerai! This brand is my favorite, although I did not buy, but does not prevent me to love it, its history condensed in my mind, always hanging in the mouth type, I was brainwashed by a number of its brand marketing people eat melon. But compared to self movement, before I love it the old, love the taste, it is also the kind of taste that I was brainwashed voluntarily. PAM382 Although this watch category polarization great, one side is the standard timing tool, it must on the line, the price is cheaper than it has luxury properties; on the other hand, it can not buy it through the use of value and practical value can reflect, more is to buy it for you after internal satisfaction bring the worth! So, who are you in the end to be fooled, just buy a watch?