Through his watch, see his character

Watches, pens, lighters, once known as adult men "three treasures", every man must never be away from the body. And development so far, the watch is still one of the men's top accessories. Women love men wearing watches, they also said that, through him wearing the watch, can see a part of his character. Today, small make up and talk about this topic. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-one thousand nine hundred and one Left hand table For the first left hand wearing a replica watches uk , believe that most men are left-handed (here without wearing the watch, but southpaws) do you know why? What can you see in your left hand? People used to work with the right hand, in order to facilitate, so most people choose to wear a watch on the left hand, and the watch worn on the left hand on the right hand, the more likely to view. On the other hand, the right hand is relatively common, so the watch worn on the right hand, will be easier to knock and damage the watch. From the perspective of maintenance, protection of wear left wrist, there are certain benefits. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-one thousand nine hundred and two My watch worn on the right hand, always give a person a kind of sense and show off, the watch worn on the left hand, give a person a kind of a modest, self-disciplined gentleman and honest feeling. This is the heavy credit, honest and kind, the question of who is more sincere. The watch worn on the right hand of the people, love out of the ordinary, the pursuit of individuality; and left them is relatively low-key and restrained, do things more safe and calm, do not easily say, not easily make a decision, stir up enmity, often thinking about social problems, individuals make decisions very cautious, must consider antecedents and consequences. In addition, since ancient times, there is a male left female argument, because the customs and traditions of history, men like to wear the watch on the left hand, that is, the habit of factors, but also the issue of etiquette. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-one thousand nine hundred and three Dial Color Come and talk about the dial color, the common dial is mainly white, blue and black. The man who likes wearing white dial watch is clean and fashionable, white can increase a man's temperament, if the man who can control the color must be walking in the front of the fashion. Love wearing blue dial man inevitable romantic, is the color of sky blue is the color of the sea, it is noble and inclusive, although every man must have a blue watch may be exaggerated, but it is definitely your first choice. Love to wear black dial men are generally more cautious, steady low-key, their words and deeds capable of calm, low-key rigorous, so some of the young people in order to make themselves appear more stable will choose black dial. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-one thousand nine hundred and four Wear electronic rolex replica Just dial color again watch type. The first is a love of electronic watch people (electronic watch here refers to the LCD digital display electronic watch, quartz watch) this class has two kinds, one kind of new electronic watch, just click the button to display the time, will show the red numbers, if not to press, is on the surface of a dark, what also can't see. Love electronic watch people wear keys of the love is very strong, independent new in order to be different, the consciousness of freedom, the pursuit of free life, never hope to have constraints and control others, good at hiding their true feelings, elusive. Another kind of liquid crystal display type of the person, the idea is more simple, more interested in simple things, hate Abstract things. Relatively frugal, know very careful in reckoning. They tend to be more serious in all aspects of life, not casually. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-one thousand nine hundred and five Wear quartz watch Then put the quartz watch, the people generally care about the time, usually very punctual and punctual, not be late do not leave early, because time is the life of the scale, our life in both big and small, on time, punctuality is very important, it's not a moment to work with us closely, obviously lifeward. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-one thousand nine hundred and six Wear mechanical watch The last is wearing a mechanical watch, it will be divided into two types: mechanical watches and watch. People like to wear mechanical watches are generally more independent sense of independence, a lot of things have insisted on their own hands. Be willing to do work that will soon see results. The most important is the kind of sense of accomplishment you get, but in this process, and do not want everything is easy to get, so that it does not have the meaning and value. They think that only have to pay for the harvest, freeloaders jieruchou. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-one thousand nine hundred and seven Love and wear mechanical watch who has the ability to control the time of everyday life, although they are bustling about, but is not a slave to time and know how in the limited time to relax and find happiness. They are good at grasping and control themselves, the ability to adapt is very strong, can be very good to adjust their mentality. They have a strong nostalgia, willing to collect some things in the past. They have some elegant speech and deportment, culture. They have a strong romantic idea, often make some unexpected surprise. They have patience and value the feelings between people. Don't wear a watch There is also a person who does not wear a replica watches , although people often think that people who wear a watch more attention to time, more time, but not wearing a watch is not a person's character is not good. People who do not wear watches have more independent personality, they will not easily be dominated by others, and only like to do what they want to do and are willing to do things. According to their ability and strong, be able to come up with a strategy to deal with, and very happy to meet and communicate with people. Table with multiple time zones Watch the show can be said to have two extremes, one is long, one is no small number and scale, which is about two. Love to wear watches in multiple time zones people some love foreign travel side revealed his economic strength and good, is that frequent international travel. But there are also some people who are not realistic, they have a certain wisdom and wisdom, but all just imagine it, will not try to put into practice. Always of two minds, look at the top of the mountain, in front of some responsibility, often in a realistic way to avoid facing. Table with no numbers on the table People who like to wear a table with no numbers on the table (the numbers here refer to the standard and scale), they are more abstract and more powerful, and they are good at expressing their ideas, but they do not like to express them directly. They think that everything is too clear to understand that there is no meaning, but hope that through each other's wisdom to understand them. Very much like to play puzzle games, and they are very clever and intelligent, but they do not seem to be particularly concerned about all the actual things. A basic all-match paragraph Finally, we'll look at the watch style. Love to wear watches based all-match man and not that he has no taste, but they are more pragmatic and stable. Most of them would wear a variety of dress brand series of watches, although different purchasing power grades have differences, but the common point is the pursuit of simple and practical, there is such a table in the hand, can basically meet the various occasions. This man is in the traditional sense of the "good man", a conservative, no fancy diamond and dizzy multifunctions, is so simple, but the very concept of time. Wear fashionable sports Wearing fashionable sport watches people always have a young heart! Don't think the trend is small and cool young patent, now there are many thirty or forty year old uncle wear a large table movement wristwatch size, the embodiment of the "Uncle chao". The modern people life level increases, more and more people in the pursuit of comfort, and a wind movement watch is the preferred, people see that this man is good fun and enjoy life. Wearing gold diamond models Wearing a gold diamond watch men are generally more assertive, love to show off. Sparkling gold or diamonds don't need words to let people know: money! But not all the men are wearing a gold watch upstart, although some people wearing a gold watch but very classical style, this kind of person is with the vision of development and long-term plans, some of which will not order the immediate interests and give up some more promising career. They have a careful mind, a flexible mind, a relatively high level of thinking, and very mature, everything can be seen clearly. Tolerant and tolerance, to friends and family together. Have a strong will power, has never been easy to the outside world of some difficulties and pressure to bow. Dai Qiguai Watch Dai Qiguai watches people love new in order to be different, the pursuit of out of the ordinary. His hand on the table is definitely not mainstream brand is not popular style, and ordinary people because not heavy like, but limited by economic capacity, high prices to buy scarce watches, so some relatively unpopular brand has become their choice, both from the conventional and not lost purse. But this type of man's character has a strong sense of pride and a small sense of inferiority. Wear a low-key suit A man with a low key and a big name has no need to prove his strength or increase his confidence by using a gold diamond. They are generally successful and have a strong heart. This kind of man should be open-minded, have a unique view of life, of course, they are not old enough, and this kind of person you will find a common point, that is: wisdom. They wear the table may not understand the general people, but also did not have the opportunity to recognize. It does not matter, it is to this low-key delicate, deep in the subtle internal force. Although it is too subjective to see through the watch, but it is undeniable that there is a certain reason. There is a saying, through the details of the essence, the watch is precisely reflects the details of a man's taste and personality. What kind of watch do you wear?