Is also a diving table, universal and Rolex have comparability?

You have been diving table table friends favorite watch type, therefore, many brands have launched their own diving watch. Rolex as a professional diving watch, in the name of China can be said to be big, but the Rolex submariner, diving series can be said to be one of the best. Under such circumstances, many fans will love diving watch some diving watch are compared, do not know if you have not found, in fact is a universal diving watch, that all the kingdoms of the earth series marine chronometer. Divers swiss replica watches Although the series of nations we also love marine chronometer, but compared with the series and the pilot, its popularity is not so loud, and if Rolex to compare, the result is as can be imagined. Rolex diving watch can be said to be known to every family, but a series of universal ocean is relatively inferior to the meter. Saying here, all the diving watch really worse than Rolex? The two is really no comparable? Divers Watch First of all, from the historical evolution of the two point of view. 1905, replica watches uk founder Hans Wilsdorf founded his own business, in 1908, Rolex's trademark was registered. A small Rolex watch had been approved by the British Observatory in 1914, and Rolex's precise access to recognition has been widely welcomed in Europe and the United States. After the first war, Rolex moved back to Geneva, in the promotion of the founder, Rolex constantly innovate, create, improve themselves, while Rolex's research direction has two: waterproof and automatic. Rolex Wan Guoshen for the Swiss watch on behalf of the United States, but also by the American Florentine Jones founded. International was founded in 1868, which is the earliest Swiss watchmaking factory, at the same time, the nations also launched the first watch. From the time the brand was founded, the nations to be earlier than Rolex, can be regarded as the "big brother". But who would have thought that Rolex will catch up from behind? But, until 1967, launched its first marine chronometer series, but its waterproof up to 20 bar function has caused a stir. When diving is still emerging, but the name has become a marine chronometer diving code. Rolex Secondly, from the perspective of the main research direction of the brand. As has just been said, Rolex in the brand building at the beginning, will study the direction of positioning in the waterproof and automatic. Rolex seems to be the main direction of the study is focused on water, although the waterproof table can not be exactly the same as the diving table, but at least in the professional and technical can be trusted. Now the Rolex watch series, waterproof and diving elements may seem to have deep into the Rolex design. Rolex For all nations, say it's housekeeping series we will think it's pilot series. All the nations in twentieth Century began to develop a special table in flight, the main research direction of view, should be focused on the special flight table and antimagnetic technology. For qianshuibiao, nations in 1967 was first launched a series of marine diving timepiece itself, although the "birth" later than Rolex, but 200 meters waterproof design, is still by the world's attention. All nations Again, from the technical terms of the brand. Because rolex replica in the beginning of the creation of focus on the technical field of waterproof, in our eyes oyster design is Rolex's signature, oyster case set important milepost in the contemporary history of watchmaking. This device invented by Rolex in 1926, the assembly of patent system, rotary outer bottom cover and the middle shell crown, is the world's first waterproof case for watch. Although some people say that Rolex is not a patent, but at least Rolex will develop it, become a classic. Rolex In addition, Rolex also from the details view, double lock and three lock crown set with two or three seal area, such as waterproof submarine hatch. Rolex waterproof watch is the highest count of more than ten thousand meters, although with the experimental nature, but also shows the performance of the Rolex professional diving watch. Rolex Although the world in the development and production of the diving watch started later than Rolex, but its marine chronometer Series in technology is to uphold the universal consistent quality. In recent years, the international diving watch not only has the traditional standard, will also be complex functions into their own diving watch, such as calendar and other complex functions, can be seen in the world diving table. Moreover, the universal diving table "to move" to a waterproof 2000 meters, is also very attractive. In addition, the world's rapid exchange technology is relatively mature, so that the technology is also convenient for divers work in underwater. All nations Finally, from the perspective of brand awareness. Rolex in China can be described as a household name, more cattle than it broke the brand there, higher than its price of the brand is also, stronger than it has a strong brand. However, Rolex is red to you do not think it is not. And all the nations, some people say that it is higher than the rank of Rolex, but in China, the individual that the popularity of the world is still less than Rolex. All nations In recent years, the development speed in the China watch career is also developing rapidly, although we still cannot assert their brand effect will catch up with Rolex