The two dimension Lolita 90 eyes "Uncle", wearing what the most handsome?

In addition to his "Uncle" than the older men for more young, more mature male means unique charm, this age and status are independent, that in 90 eyes what kind of man is mature, the author specially interviewed a few Lolita (and pseudo Lolita and a small drag queen) look, what they say: "Other" Party: red sauce The picture shows the result of no way to own interview myself, so I didn't PO out interviews, often brain hole wide open, wearing Cos clothing to work the author (Figure JK for water, and water is an independent role, try to install the photo): Red sauce. To tell the truth after 90 though not all love Cos, but the authors love ah, so Naji friends at here, thank you understand the two dimension of the companion, willing to accept an interview. Then return to maturity is a transfer to the feelings of others, there is no way to strictly define any time of integrity, tolerance and patience, take it leisurely and unoppressively, in which the feeling very heavy, so the men regardless of life or work are admirable. Just like on the visual Panerai, very steady, the warmth of the wearer is given more P. mark, all aspects of performance is very impressive, the price range of 3~10 million dollars. Panerai Longines Pie: PAPA Like the Diablo Cos wind PAPA is a diffuse exhibition stall, generous out of the original makeup for this tribute Medusa (right, this style is more dark shape, do not like do not spray, of course, most readers still very bred): PAPA& Ji You The truth of her answer a bit so that I can not find the north, probably because she is bigger than many, is called a gap of three years, to see a forced dialogue so ignorant:rolex replica Part of the interview with PAPA Thank you for watching a stupid I forced the interview, although has been made in dog food, but words is full of joy and ease, her eyes only heterosexual boyfriend and father, also should be derived from them for mature men understand: travel planning reasonable, warm and considerate, but also willing to spend time with the other half. Not what kind of watch with a nice, but what they are handsome. The table for the scope of the choice is quite broad, as PAPA mentioned Longines and MontBlanc, both design and practical, especially the 7 thousand ~10 million price interval on the table are also easy to accept love, good price. Longines & MontBlanc The ultra-thin manual chain Party: Five CN: the Iraqi When communication is first put forward that mature age Iduki fifth (formerly CN:POI, POI in the figure refers to her), five often wandered in the capital each man show, love the East (ACG) everything, especially the 9, her views really represent the majority of 90: Ibuki Oi dialogue It can be summed up with a reasonable way to solve the decisive cool choice, not to shirk responsibility. It stood out, the sky is falling to the top, responsible man, even just over 20, you can become a mature man five heart. This "Uncle" feel very suitable for manual mechanical watch retro style from the temperament, it may seem simple, but it contains a lot of simple elements, let people feel the atmosphere and reliable, wear very handsome. In this case, the comparison of recommended interested readers consider Jaeger Le Coulter, Earl, Cartire these brands, offer about 18 thousand from the top is not capped, please look at the picture below: Cartire & Jaeger Le Coulter Minimalism: end of Yan replica watches In addition to Cos love sister up girl, carrying a camera around with girl, has a very clear definition for "Uncle" and watches, believe in life is neat without messy character: CN: the last face The five recognized the maturity of the theory has nothing to do with age, "Uncle" should have the responsibility to play and act decisively. End face dialogue (the most simple to achieve the point of a!! Moved cry! Black dial, quartz, stainless steel bracelet, not what too many practical requirements, the atmosphere is the kingly way, watch to contrast the wearer's temperament, simplicity is a good attitude to life. At the end of this detailed description based on Yan, the first associate is Movado, especially the museum series, with a gold single dot Gold Dial, is one of the most pure Bauhaus style works: Movado The movement style first: night security fence This paper is an old fence in Coser is a development of the highest minimum youth young girl eyes soft, for her "Uncle" wearing watches have what kind of view? Night safety fence rolex replica Please look at the interview, day Lei when interviewed in abroad, so can ignore the time lag response has been very grateful, so might be slightly reduced, thank you for your consideration: Night safety fence interview Security fence in "Uncle" caring and can remain relatively to the beginning of the heart, full of positive energy, so that men may try to consider the motion style of watches, fashion and full of vitality, like the sun illuminate life: large diameter blue dial movement table, clear blue dial known as the "summer poison", price from thousand yuan to 10000 yuan in the table below. Not that you must be good, thousands of yuan price still able to find a practical and beautiful both uncle table. CITIZEN & Rolex & Patek Philippe Above is part of 90 Coser for"